When should you use blank labels and a laundry marker?

When should you use blank labels and a laundry marker?

Most people would agree that a custom clothing label is the best option for labeling personal belongings.  There is something very satisfying about seeing an attractive embroidered label, or clearly printed label, on valued items.  It just looks great!

However, after many years in the business of selling high quality personalized labels, even we have to admit that there are times when having a basic blank label and trusted marker to hand is very useful.

Reasons for using blank iron on labels or blank stick on labels with a laundry marker:

  • You may only need a few labels if you are going on a short trip, or going into short-term rehab facility.
  • You may want to sometimes label kids clothes with first and last names, or perhaps just a last name, or maybe just a nickname, depending on the occasion.
  • You may want to occasionally add a telephone number or e-mail address to a label, but not necessarily to all of them.
  • You may need to add a room number to a label (as required in a nursing home), but this room number may change at short notice.
  • You may decide to label sheets and duvet covers to make sorting laundry easier, but only need a few labels.
  • You may need to label residents clothing and belongings as soon as they arrive in your assisted living facility or nursing home.
  • You may want to date items, such as containers with left-over food.  (Our stick on blank labels are washer/freezer proof!)
  • You will want to label dishes and utensils for a potluck gathering.

The laundry marker is manufactured by the internationally respected company, edding, and is guaranteed to stay on in the laundry, dishwasher, microwave, and more.  The combination of this tough marker and our durable labels, makes this pack an essential asset for every household.

If you have any questions, as usual we are very happy to help in any way we can.

The It’s Mine! Team


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