How to Safely Remove Labels on Clothing

How to Safely Remove Labels on Clothing

Contrary to popular belief, it is not against the law to remove clothing labels from apparel after you have purchased it. You are free to cut off the use and care tags, and remove the brand name label. The main reason people remove labels from their clothing is because they are itchy, uncomfortable, and stick out from underneath the apparel. Just remember to be careful, by following these useful tips:

  • Remove external hang tag labels with a pair of scissors. Never pull or try to break those plastic hang tags, because you could accidently break a seam, put a hole in the clothing, or stretch it out.
  • Examine how the label is attached to the clothing. Is it sewn into the seam, or separately? If it is stitched into the seam, unless you are skilled at using a sewing machine, it is better to carefully cut it out using scissors.
  • For labels stitched in separately, use a seam ripper to remove the label. A seam ripper breaks the seam and allows you to detach the label without damaging the clothing. For any small bits of thread remaining, use tweezers to pull them out.

After removing the original labels, you can replace them, if you so desire, with customizable iron on clothing labels that do not stick out, poke, or itch. For more information about personalized labels for your clothing, call It’s Mine! Labels at 1-866-895-2235.

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