Easy Ways to Apply Clothing Labels

Easy Ways to Apply Clothing Labels

What is the easiest way to put labels on clothing?

Even with all the advances in technology, there are still some chores that rely on personal care and attention.  One of those overlooked but very important tasks, is marking clothes and other belongings with a personalized label or tag, so that if they get mislaid, they can be returned to the owner.  This could be for a variety of reasons:

  • Clothing and linens that belong to a loved one in a nursing home or group home with communal laundry
  • Kids that are attending summer camp
  • Young children attending day care
  • Kids in school who need to keep track of clothes and valuable sports equipment
  • Rental companies or clubs, where an outside facility is used for laundry
  • College students who need to keep track of new personal items

For those people who prefer a traditional way of labeling clothing, an attractive and durable personalized fabric label is often a first choice.  A personalized iron on label is also easy to apply, if one has an iron at home!

Easy options for labeling clothes

  1.  The Snappy Tag System is a new option for putting a personalized tag onto clothing.  The system consists of personalized tags which are etched with the name, together with a Snappy Tag applicator. These clothing tags can be snapped on in just seconds, stay on in the wash, and are removable. The nature of this system also means that it is completely portable and therefore gives people the option of labeling clothes on site.


Laundry labels for clothes
Laundry labels that are durable for nursing homes


2.   Personalized Stick On Clothing Labels are another super-easy labeling option.  These labels are printed with a name (and number if needed) and stick to the satin care labels which are often found on the inside seam of an item of clothing.  The special adhesive on these particular labels is designed to adhere to polyester yarns.  These can be peeled off the backing sheet and stuck on – simple as that!


Standard stick on clothing labels
Stick on labels for clothes


There is a wonderful range of personalized clothing labels and tags available these days, with an ideal solution for each unique item. A small investment which will help ensure that valuable (monetary or sentimental!) belongings are returned safe and sound.

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