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Uses for Snappy Tags

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Snap-on tags, also called snappy tags, are the perfect custom clothing labels to attach a simple name or contact information to garments. You don’t need to attach them separately with thread or an iron, as they affix directly to the clothing label that is already sewn into the garment, and they won’t fade or fall off through countless washes and wears.

Here are some of the most common uses for snappy tags:

  • School: Snap on labels for clothing are perfect for kids in school. Many kids wear jackets in the morning when it’s cool, and then take them off when it heats up around lunch time. These jackets are often left on the playground or over a railing, and tend to end up in lost-and-found. If you attach a snappy tag to the tag, your child’s coat will always be returned quickly.
  • College: Let’s face it; your college child is almost as likely to lose jackets as your elementary school kid. To help prevent this, affix snappy tags to the label. This way, when clothes are mixed up in the dormitory laundry room, they will be easier to sort out. You should also consider etching your child’s room number in addition or instead of their name so the finder knows where to return the item.
  • Camp: Clothes get mixed up at camp in a very similar way that they do at college, and a simple snappy tag will work wonders in helping make sure your child returns from camp with the same garments they had when they left for camp.