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Different Categories to Shop By

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Personalized labels can be used for many different purposes, from labeling clothes you’ve designed for your shop, to labeling your children’s clothes so they don’t lose them at camp and beyond. Often, the easiest way to decide which labels to order is by searching based on your need. Here are several methods by which you can search on It’s Mine Labels, when you are looking for custom clothing labels and more:

  1. Perhaps the most common method of searching for labels is by method of attaching. This includes sew-on labels, woven labels, stick-on labels, ink transfers, iron-on labels and more. This is also a good method of search for people who need labels for purposes that are filled by the material or type. For example, if you need labels for someone with sensitive skin, it makes sense to search for ink transfers, instead of sew-on labels.
  1. You can shop by purpose, such as labels for children, the elderly, crafts, etc. These categories present labels that have been pre-selected and proven to be useful for these purposes, and weed out the labels that aren’t as qualified to meet your needs.
  1. You can search by type of material used for the label, such as woven labels, ink-only labels, plastic stick-on labels, and more.

If you use these methods of search and still can’t find something that perfectly meets your needs, you can always call 1-866-695-2235 for assistance in finding the right labels for you. With so many labels to choose from, there are bound to be several in our inventory that meet your needs!