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Homemade Grab Bags

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Homemade grab bags are easy and fun to make, and adding custom sewing labels to the finished product make them perfect for gifting. Choose fun, clashing patterns for the interior and exterior of the bags.

  1. You’ll need 1/2 yard of one print, and 3/4 of a yard for the other. Also, make sure you have an 18” by 44” piece of batting.
  2. You’ll need a template for the grab bag. Once you download the template, cut the materials according to the template. Cut one pattern and pattern reversed of each print, and two 6 1/2” by 15” rectangles of the second pattern. Also, cut two patterns from the batting.
  3. Layer each batting piece on the wrong side of the first print. Sew 1/4” from the edge using a sewing machine.
  4. Fold the rectangles lengthwise and sew along the three edges, leaving a 3” gap. Turn the material right side out through the hole. Press the raw edges in to make a small pocket. Complete the same steps to make a second pocket.
  5. Place the pocket on the second print, on the right side at the widest point, and pin it in place. Use the sewing machine to sew a topstitch on the bottom edge of each pocket. Stitch lines 5” apart to divide the pocket into compartments. Trim the sides of the pockets and baste a scant 1/4” from the edges of the bag sides.
  6. Sew the bag front and back together by placing the right sides together and sewing from clip to clip. Then turn the bag right side out. Repeat for linings, but do not turn.
  7. Insert the body into the lining and sew together inside and outside the edges. Pull the bag and lining through the opening, then push the bag into the lining.
  8. Pin handles in place and turn bag right side out. Then sew in place.

For more information about sewing labels, contact us at It’s Mine Labels!