Woven Labels in Small Quantities

Woven Labels in Small Quantities

It’s Mine Labels knows that every project has its own needs. Often, label makers will assume that customers will wish to buy in bulk if they’re creating their own clothing or accessory line, but what about the home projects or crafts that don’t need as many labels? Buying more labels than is necessary does not actually save money, and can actually have the opposite effect. It certainly doesn’t cut costs to have leftover tags laying around that will never be used. That’s why we also supply our woven labels in small quantities, so that everyone can create their own label, and also customize the quantity they receive. Our custom woven labels come in a variety of different styles and endless combinations so that you can design the label that best reflects your projects.

When Buying Bulk Costs More

Like every crafter, the projects you create are unique. Based solely on the amount of time spent on projects, a knitter will likely need more labels for their handmade hats or scarves than even the most prolific quilter. If your project takes a lot longer to complete, then you will naturally need to apply a label less frequently. Waste is a hidden cost. There’s no point in buying large quantities of woven labels, even if bulk might seem cheaper per unit price. If those labels aren’t being used, then you aren’t getting the most out of your dollar.

Labels for Personal Use

The same goes for personal use labels. From backpacks for first grade, to bed linens for college, it might be tempting to purchase labels in bulk for your children in order to anticipate their future needs, but this is one of the most advantageous times to purchase small quantities of woven labels. Our labels can be customized to suit anyone, but we all change over the years. It might be better to buy the woven labels in small quantities, so that your labels represent the person the item belongs to.

Woven Labels: Small Quantities, Full Customizability

Just because you need to purchase a smaller amount does not mean you need to give up customizability. We still offer a wide range of choices and options for your labels, even when you purchase woven labels in small quantities.

Here are some of the labels that might be more useful when you need to buy small quantities.

  • 1” Designer Woven Labels – These labels offer a large amount of customizability and are perfect for adding a little style to your personal labels. These woven labels also come in small quantities, in increments of 20.
  • 1/2” Designer Woven Fabric Labels – These are a great option for small business owners because they are an attractive addition to any item and offer a high level of customizability. These labels come in increments of 36, 72, and 144.
  • 1/2” or 1” Woven ID Labels – These are our simple, large print labels that come in 1/2” or 1” sizes. They have options for background color and text color, and offer two lines of text. These come in quantities as small as 10, which make them great for personal use.

Ready to make your decision, or just curious about the options we have available? Check out our product page where you can see a full list of our woven labels as well as the different quantities they are available in.

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