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Woven vs. Embroidered Labels

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Woven vs. Embroidered Labels

With so many different kinds of custom clothing labels, from sewing labels to iron-in clothing labels, and woven clothing labels to ink transfers, it is easy to get the distinctions mixed up. One of the most common misconceptions is that woven and embroidered labels are the same thing. They are not. While both tend to be associated with higher quality, homemade garments and linens, they are made through entirely different processes, and the final results have very different, distinct feels to them.

  • Woven Labels: Woven labels tend to be high quality and elegant, and are available in an extensive selection of colors and designs. They are made on a loom where the design is literally woven into the main color of the label. This means they are solid and more durable than many printed labels. They are also slightly more old-fashioned than other types of ink labels, and will give your clothes a legitimate, old-fashioned feel.
  • Embroidered Labels: These labels are made by embroidering the logo or the information onto the label by hand. They take longer to make and tend to have a slightly more elegant, expensive look to them than woven labels do. We recommend these labels for particularly delicate silk or satin garments, as the feel is appropriate and similar.

While these labels are made through very different processes, the quality and durability of each is similar, and they will help your clothes look elegant and professional for years to come. Make sure you research examples of both before making your final design and decision.