Custom Clothing Tags: Types, Uses, Occasions, and Design

Custom Clothing Tags: Types, Uses, Occasions, and Design

When we think of the tags in clothing, most of us imagine the drab, black and white size tags in the backs of shirts we get from the store. These days, people need clothing tags for all kinds of reasons from professional to personal use. Especially in a world of online creators, it pays to stand out and show off your personal style with a custom clothing tag.

Types of Custom Clothing Tags

We have stylish tags in iron-on and sew-on varieties. If you are not one for sewing, we have plenty of iron-on options that are every bit as stylish and attractive as our sew-on varieties. If you would prefer a polished, professional looking tag, we have woven tags with embroidered lettering that look great with any garment. No matter which one you choose, the colors on these custom clothing tags will never run or fade over time.

  • Iron-on tags are great for anyone who needs to attach a lot of tags quickly. These tags lie flat and are smooth to the touch, so they are a good option for sensitive skin. Most of our tags can survive the washer, but some will need a stitch around the perimeter to ensure they hang on! Iron-on tags are printed using high quality ink, and flexible but not stretchy.
  • Sew-on tags are a favorite among small business owners and artisans. These fabric tags look professional and have a wide range of customizability that can be adjusted to match a brand. We value high quality products and these are even more durable than the iron-on tags. They will never run, fade, or stretch, and after they are stitched onto your garment, they will last through the washer and dryer.

One thing to consider is the type of garments you are making. Iron-on tags attach best to smooth fabrics, so things like baby clothes or T-shirts would work fine, but you would not get the same results if you tried to iron a tag onto a rough fabric, such as with a pair of mittens or a knitted scarf. Our sew-on fabric tags are good for a range of different projects and can be attached to any garment.

Tags for Personal Use

A favorite for small businesses and other professional settings, our tags are also great for home and personal use. If you’re not one for sewing, we also provide a selection of iron-on labels. Many of our iron-on labels are designed with children or seniors in mind, and they prioritize comfort and comfort without sacrificing style. All of our iron-on tags lay flat on smooth fabric, so you can create a custom fabric tag that will reflect the wearer’s personality.

We also have tags that require no sewing or ironing at all. Check out our snappy tags, stick-on labels, and other items like bag tags and value packs.

Attractive Labels for Every Occasion

These custom clothing tags are useful for all kinds of different purposes, especially for clothing designers and small business owners. Many people also create tags that serve as identifying name labels that they can attach to clothing. This is a popular method to avoid losing clothes in the laundry of an assisted living center or day care. No matter what your needs are, you can easily create your own custom clothing tag.

Ready to begin customizing your labels? Check out our product page for a full list of what we have in stock, as well as sample pictures. If you’re designing a clothing line, you may also want to check out our blog post on custom tags for clothing lines.

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