Museum of Modern Art’s Courtyard to Be Transformed into a Kaleidoscope of Color

Museum of Modern Art’s Courtyard to Be Transformed into a Kaleidoscope of Color

The Museum of Modern Art’s Queen’s PS1 courtyard location on Long Island, in New York, will be transformed into a kaleidoscope of color this year, as part of the Museum’s PS1 Young Architects Programs. This annual program inspires young designers and architects to create temporary outdoor installations to demonstrate innovation and creativity.

Architectural Drawings

This year’s winner was Mexican architectural firm Escobedo Soliz Studio, run by Andres Soliz and Lazbent Escobedo. The winning design is aptly named “Weaving the Courtyard.” The architectural firm of young designers specialize in creating solutions which are environmentally friendly and that further enhance outdoor spaces.

“Weaving the Courtyard” will be a kaleidoscope of color once finished. Ropes in a wide array of colors are being suspended over the Museum of Modern Art’s PS1 courtyard to create an outdoor artistic design, as well as shade for the normally open courtyard. Installation of the colored ropes will be done using existing holes in the surrounding buildings. The architects also included a wading pool at the back of the courtyard, under the colorful web of ropes.

“Weaving the Courtyard” is expected to open in early June for viewing by the general public, and it will be incorporated into the Museum of Modern Art’s PS1 location’s summertime event schedule. The display will remain up through the summer and be taken down in early fall.

All of the materials being used to create the display are environmentally friendly. As such, they will remain basically intact as the display is built. This means, once the display closes, the materials can be taken down and reused for future design projects or other related purposes.

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