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Essential Custom Labels for Crafters

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If you are a crafter, whether you knit scarves and sweaters for your loved ones, or sew your children’s clothing, custom clothing label can help boost your garments and textile crafts to the next label. It’s Mine! label company offers a wide range of labels that are perfect for your products, including sewing labels and iron-on clothing labels. Here are a few of the best labels for these purposes.

  • Sew-On 3/8” Classic Woven Labels: These labels have a classic, timeless, handmade feel that is perfect to accent your handmade garments. The text is embroidered directly into the label, guaranteeing lasting quality, and the label can be hand sewn onto your garment to make it feel even more personal. Include your name, the occasion, or a personal message to help your loved ones remember the occasion.
  • Sew-On 1” Designer Woven Labels: These labels are similar to the classic woven labels, but have an even higher handmade feel. They are available in a wide range of colors, and the information is embroidered in very fine thread to yield a beautiful label that you will be proud to affix to your garments.
  • Iron-On 3/8” Classic Woven Labels: These labels have the same handmade, classic feel, but are affixed to your garment with an iron instead of needle and thread. This is perfect for fabrics that you don’t want to puncture with thread, and can create a smoother look, as there are fewer bumps that result from attaching them.