Why You Need a Mobile Friendly Website for Your Online Clothing Business

Why You Need a Mobile Friendly Website for Your Online Clothing Business

It seems like just about everywhere you go, you notice people on their smartphones and tablets. They are not using these devices just for text messaging, checking emails, and making phone calls. In fact, mobile device users are now also the largest percentage of Internet users. Over the past five years, Internet browsing on mobile devices has grown, and it now accounts for a minimum of 60% of all daily Internet usage.

If you do not have a mobile friendly website for your online clothing business, you are missing a vast amount of potential customers. The percentage of Internet browsing on mobile devices is expected to continue to increase in specific age groups. For instance, baby boomers are one of the fastest growing market segments of mobile device Internet browsing. In addition, Millennials are starting to completely ditch their computers and rely solely on their mobile devices to access online content.

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If you expect to attract new customers and grow your online business, you need to update your website and ensure it is compatible with mobile devices. Otherwise, you will probably lose a large amount of business to your competitors. Further, once your website is updated and mobile friendly, you can take advantage of a wide range of features and options that incorporate social media platforms along with your website.

For example, you can take a pictures of that new dress you just created with your custom sewing labels on your smartphone or tablet, and quickly upload it to your preferred social media sites and incorporate hyperlinks back to your main website. You could even update your website content with the picture right from your mobile device.

By having a mobile friendly website, not only are you making it easier for mobile device users to access your content and find your business online, but you are also making it easier for you to manage your online content. To obtain labels for your clothing products, feel free to contact It’s Mine Labels by calling 1-866-695-2235 today. We offer a wide array of custom labels for clothing and apparel.

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